People come to us for a healthy glow, to relax, pamper themselves and to get a base tan for a trip. No matter why you choose to tan you can count on High Class Tanning & Esthetics professional staff to help you reach your desired tanning results with one of our top of the line beds and effective product.

We have different packages for a customized tanning experience whether you like to tan once in a while, or every day. We promise to have the lowest prices in the lower mainland, offering a price match guarantee.
Point packages start at 150 points up to 1500 points. Each bed and time amount use a select amount of points. We use points because of our wide variety of bed levels and strengths.
We offer monthly unlimited packages with no contracts. You can buy these in 1, 2, or 4 month packages. With the purchase of a month unlimited, we will honour 10% off any lotion!
Enjoy month to month tanning with our VIP Direct unlimited package. This option allows you to have the freedom of using any bed. With this package, direct payment is set up through your credit card and is billed on the first of every month. VIP customers receive 15% off lotions.
Feel free to come for a drop in tan for a single visit fee, in any chosen bed.


All new customers receive their first tan free in the ambition or sun capsule.


points chart


Ambition 250 15 min max The EgroLine

Built for serious tanners, with 3 facial lamps to provide instant colour to your face and shoulders, and 32 intense lamps. Develops a deep, golden tan in record time.

Affinity 600 12 MIN MAX The EgroLine

Includes 46 turbo power UV lamps, 7 shoulder tanning lamps, and 3 high performance facial lamps. Expect excellent tanning results with this bed. Keep cool and comfortable with the conditioning unit in this bed.

Open Sun 1050 12 MIN MAX The EgroLine

This bed has an open design, with glass reflectors to ensure your body is surrounded and exposed evenly. It has 30 high pressure units, including an advanced filtering system which eliminates most UVB light, to result in a deeper, faster, darker tan. Colour will continue to develop for up to 48 hours after your session. Includes an auxiliary outlet to play your own music.

Pro Sonic 200 watt- 9 min max stand-up The Sun Capsule 200

This high end stand up has 6 sides to increase exposure to face and body by 20%. Includes 49 100 watt lamps. Expect exceptional results in a short amount of time in this bed!

Sun Capsule 160 Watt 12 min max STAND-UP The Sun Capsule VHR

Entry level stand-up, featuring 48 lamps for head to toe tanning. Prepare to be blown away with the colour you achieve from this bed.




Sunless Tanning


At High Class Tanning & Esthetics, we offer customized spray tans, applied by us using an airbrush handheld, allowing us to achieve your desired results in as low as 5 minutes.
Sunless TanningWe use Organic Norvell solution, with two different options. With our one hour spray, the colour is done developing in 1-3 hours, allowing you to rinse sooner. Perfect for a last minute tan.

Our other option is the 24 hour spray, which takes longer to fully develop but offers a beautiful bronzed look. Perfect for preparing for a weekend away.

We promise a 24 hour free touch up to ensure you love your tan.

Follow aftercare instructions for a longer lasting tan, which will be provided to you before you leave.